About Us

A move of humanitarianism, new and more people from all across the world are getting interested in volunteering for the needy ones, and are traveling across the borders to unbend their helping hands. Volunteering abroad, along with the concept of ‘socially impactful journey’ has evolved much in the 21st Century, and people are extremely eager about focusing on social development and personal growth, while exploring new places.


The Volunteering was established in _____ with the motive of changing the face of volunteer traveling, and in the past years, we have had more than ______volunteers who completed their journeys with fruitful experiences. We yield the best volunteer and intern sovereignty to focused candidates from different-different parts of the world, and we make certain that each of them gets the utmost out of the program they choose.


At present, The Volunteering operates in more than 15+ countries, providing more than 100 volunteering and interning options ranging from Child Care, Teaching, Medical and Healthcare, Community Development, Marine Conservation and much more. Most of our volunteers are high school students, couples, corporate groups and individuals on their summer break or gap year.


We are in association with NGOs, schools, hospitals, orphanages, HIV/AIDS clinics, women groups and other social welfare organizations all across the globe. Each of these organizations has been working at the rank and file level for years, and successfully contributed towards the development of the concerned people. The Volunteering has ensured that the contribution of every volunteer is counted, and there’s justifiable growth.


For the practicum programs, partakers opting for Medical and Healthcare projects get to work with professionals and learn how to deal in emergency situations. Our internship programs are crafted and designed in a way that every partaker gets to know about the medical scenario of the particular country.


As a Firm, We have people from different countries, cultures, and ethnicities working for us in order to make the process of volunteer traveling smoother and more flexible.


We have dedicated coordinators at each volunteer destination, coming from different countries. We take care of the volunteer’s placement, traveling, accommodation, meals, and security.


It is often said “To learn of the person is to know the person” …My name is Shivpal singh and I appraise myself a very honorable and a disciplined person, meeting with new people & travelling to the new places always fascinated me. An optimistic mind set & self motivated person who is love to work in a polished way, keen to grab new chances in life. I have been a part of this industry for more than 12+ years. My loyal clients speak with praise and satisfaction for the memories they cherish on the projects we planned together. It would be my pleasure to offer my services and help you out in any manner.


Hola, this is Piyush Sharma, a professional who have 10+ years experience in the volunteering industry, a traveler who travelled almost 20+ Indian states & 3 foreign countries. New people & new places always enthrall me throughout my life. A very charming & disciplined professional & always ready to available for their work